Wine and Port

1964 Wine and Port

1964 Wine Vintage Report

1964 Italian :

1964 wine vintage: 1964 was an important vintage for Italian Wines as many fine outstanding wines were made. A large crop, one of the largest of the 60's. Conditions in autumn were perfect. Growers could leave the grapes on the vine to become ripe and harvest went on until mid-November. A long harvest and a large crop in terms of quality which was was quite good. The main regions of Tuscany and Piedmont produced rich, full bodied wines. The wines are fully mature but heavy-weights such as Brunello and Barolos will keep for many years to come. Five-star vintage for Brunello di Montalcino.

1964 Bordeaux :

The 1964 Wine Vintage produced favoured the right bank which produced some opulent, concentrated wines with high alcohol, an opaque colour, super length and unbridled power. The harvest and weather favoured those producers on the right bank who harvested early (Graves, St Emilion and Pomerol). All of these wines reached the peak of their maturity two decades ago, but show little signs of decline today. They will probably last for another decade.

1964 Vintage Port :

1964-vintage-port The 1964 port vintage was a challenging year due to fluctuating weather conditions. A small amount of single quinta port was made but it is very rare. Some excellent single harvest Colheitas were produced in this year. The weather at the start of the year was unsettled with rain and thunderstorms at the end of July. These were followed by a hot, dry August which developed the vines. The hot weather continued throughout the season and into the harvest when it began to fluctuate. The grapes were more raisin than the winemakers would like and this is reflected in the port produced. Our recommendation is for the single harvest colheita ports as these are drinking very well. They also have the added advantage that they can be savoured over several months after opening.

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1964 1964 Kopke

This Port from 1964 is a premium quality wine, from a single harvest. The port is aged in wood for a period exceeding seven years.

Porto Kopke is t
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1964 1964 Barolo

Barolo lies just south-west of Alba in Italy's north-western Piedmont region. It is considered one of the finest and longest-lived wines, often referred to as 'the king of wines and the wine of kings'.
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1964 1964 Spanna

Spanna has often been cited by wine experts as one of Italy’s greatest ageing wines. Spanna’s longevity can be attributed, at least in part, to the addition of smaller amounts of less tannic, more acidic grape varieties.
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1964 1964 Taylors Single Harvest Port

Taylors 1964 Very Old Single Harvest Port makes an excellent 50th birthday or anniversary present in 2014.

This is a new release of a rich, mellow and spicy 1964 Single Harvest Port one of only 2000 bottles.
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1964 50 Years of Port Gift

A unique gift for a 50th Anniversary celebration.

This gift comprises a 75cl bottle of 30 year aged tawny port and a 75cl bottle of 20 year aged tawny port.
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1964 Amarone della Valpolicella

This wonderful sweet wine from the excellent 1964 vintage is drinking well with tastes of raisins. The wine is sweet with a long, long finish

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1964 Barbaresco

Still very well-balanced. Lots of dark fruit remaining along with classic
Barbaresco structure.
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1964 Barbaresco

The 1964 Castellana has In the glass this wine has a solid red core with red/orange on the rim. On the nose, there's cedar, mushrooms, and a bit of light cherry.
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1964 Barbaresco

Angelo Gaja's Infernot is a wines from an outstanding vintage that has been matured in the coldest and darkest corner of the Gaja cellars.

This wine has loads of leather, strawberries and gentle smoke on the nose.
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