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Brachetto, 1964

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Brachetto tend to produce light-bodied, highly aromatic wines with distinctive notes of strawberries. In the DOCG region of Brachetto d'Acqui, the grape is used to produce a slightly sweet sparkling wine that is similar to Lambrusco and is sometimes called the a light red equivalent of Moscato d'Asti.

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Chateau Mouton Rothschild , 1964

Pauillac Premiere Grand Cru Classe (Henry Moore label)

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"pretty good cork was in beautiful shape. Color was brick red and showed nice tart cherries and fresh earthy aromas. The flavor profile showed reasonable concentration and while a bit earthy and a tad acidic, was full of dried red fruits and wonderful spices. While tannins were fully resolved the acid kept this reasonably fresh and inviting. A nice long rustic earthy finish kept me coming back for more."
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Madeira, 1964

Miles Bual Madeira

Bual or Boal is a dark and fragrant wine, which is sweet to the taste without being cloying, as it has good balancing acidity. If the richness and sweetness of Malmsey is too much, then this is an excellent choice for a dessert wine.

Bual is ideal to accompany cheese and fruit or fruit preserves. It is the main choice in Madeira to accompany a cheese board, which will often be accompanied with sweet fruit preserves.

Bual will also work very well with dark rich chocolate with a cocoa count of 75% or more. Bual and dark chocolate together make a superb decadent indulgence.

Excellent with cakes and pastries where the sweetness and high acidity of the wine balance the sugar and fat in the desserts.

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Taylor's Port, 1964

Crusted Port -
Bottled in 1964 by John Lovibond and Sons Ltd
Level base of neck | good label

A very unusual and very delicious style of Port, a blend of two vintages with the bottling date shown on the label. The term ‘crusted’ refers to the deposit that the wine throws as it ages, and this starts the moment it is bottled. Always decant, or strain through a muslin, and you should stand the bottle up for 24 hours before this so that the deposits sink to the bottom.

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